UST Removal at Avidia Bank


I am emailing you with this word of “Thanks” to  CommTank for one of the most professional companies I have used in quite sometime.

We had our underground oil tank removed due to a gas/oil conversion for our heating system.  Your company worked with me through the paper trail with permitting, dig safe and sometimes a difficult Local Fire Department, all flawlessly.

Comm Tank sent to our property a crew of three Santiago, Jorge and Nelson . I could not have 3 better contractors on our site. They all knew what to do from the time they stepped out of their truck, to loading the last piece of equipment at jobs end. I understand that they do this type of work day after day, but it is amazing how they make it look so easy.

Please thank these men from all of us here at Avidia Bank and we look forward to using CommTank again if the job calls for it.



P.S. And Margie thank you for all your help too!