We could not be more pleased with the outcome.

Customer Name: Steven Coval
Town/State: Lexington MA

Our office staff was knowledgeable and answered your questions: Excellent
Our team accommodated your scheduling needs: Excellent
Our service technicians were neat and courteous: Excellent
The work was completed in the estimated time: Excellent
The condition of your property after our job was: Excellent
Your overall satisfaction of services provided was: Excellent
May we publish your comment: Yes


Nelson Rosario and his assistant, Pedro, arrived promptly. They surveyed our particular site to organize their approach to the removal of the 30-year old tank and installation of a new Granby (including new fill/vent pipes) and set to work. We could not be more pleased with the outcome.

Nelson is a highly skilled, top notch tech whose work was meticulous. As a detail oriented, not easily satisfied customer interested in every aspect of the work, I would give him a grade of A+.

The extensive piping work required exact measurements and careful installation. To my surprise (and delight), Nelson took the time to fill the void left by removal of the old pipes with cement. He even applied Rustoleum to the fill/vent pipes exposed to the weather. After pumping the filtered fuel oil removed from the old tank back into the new Granby, Nelson fired up the furnace to ensure its proper operation.

When scheduling the installation date with Alana, I insisted on getting the best tech. She assured me that Nelson was the guy. She was 100% correct. His professionalism is key to the success of Comm Tank.

Original steel oil tank.

 Polyethylene lined double-walled oil tank.

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